Someone must have sent a joke cover by mistake…

The real title is: Post-It Ideas That Stick!

The image that accidentally got sent to Amazon is:

(EDIT: they’ve “fixed” the image, so now this post is loading the image from my cached copy.)



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10 responses to “Someone must have sent a joke cover by mistake…

  1. knobody


  2. cadrys

    Hmm. The perils of hot-linking, as I sure don’t see anything wrong with it now.

  3. trunkbutt

    There’s nothing funny about it now! What did it say before?!?

  4. knobody

    “ideas that suck”

  5. kittykatkatja

    That’s what I was guessing, and I _tried_ to read it that way, but it just kept looking right. :)

  6. sylvar

    I had a copy in cache, so it’s on now.

  7. sylvar

    Check it again, I’ve “fixed” the image.

  8. sylvar

    Try it again. They fixed that one pretty quick, but I’ve got a cached copy.

  9. curious_mold

    I used to work for a bookstore that sold remainders and “hurt” books. Sometimes we’d get shipments of books with botched titles and pages of spelling errors.

    I should have had a camera then.

  10. kittykatkatja

    Much better! Or worse, depending on who you are :)

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