Random quiz meme

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1) What is ‘s favorite movie? Gladiator
2) What exotic animal would like as a pet? A dragon, or perhaps a ferret.
3) What would do differently in your shoes? How would he get into my shoes?
4) What planet should be from? It appears to be an ice world of some sort.
5) Are and going out? No.
6) What would give for his/her birthday? She doesn’t know him.
7) Have you ever dated ? No, but he IS cute…
8) Is dead sexy? Hell yes.
9) Has been to your house/dorm? No, but I’ve been to hers.
10) Does have a big secret? If so, he hasn’t told me.
11) Is introverted or extroverted? I’m not really sure.
12) Has dyed their hair? Not that I know of.
13) If and were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the brain. They’re two of the smartest people outside of my family.
14) Would you wrestle in jello? No, he’d kick my butt.
15) Where did you first meet ? In the common area of a mixed-sex dormitory.
16) Is a nerd? Yes, in a good way.
17) Would you set up and ? I think Briony would object to that! (But I’d be willing to console her.)
18) ‘s hair color? Brown
19) Do you have a crush on ? Um, a little bit of one, yeah. She’s got a very pretty brain, and last I checked she has long hair, which is a plus for me.
20) One quality you find attractive in ? Her budgeting ability
21) Does drink? Do fish swim?
22) What song/movie would you recommend to ? Desk Set, though I’m sure he’s seen it.
23) How long would dating last? About — never mind, they would have just broken up. They’re both alpha kitties. :)
24) Are and going steady? No, but I’d bet that neither would object to that idea.
25) If was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Runescape Newbie Man.
26) What is allergic to? visiting Tampa, more’s the pity ;)
27) Does do drugs? By prescription only. She doesn’t need recreational drugs.
28) Would be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja.
29) What video game does remind you of? One of the Buffy video games, probably.
30) If commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Librarians everywhere.



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5 responses to “Random quiz meme

  1. guaharibo

    I love the boy but he could never be a ninja. Too clumsy. I seriously need to video tape him DDRing and post it…

  2. loucheroo

    *grin* glad to see i’m included in this one ;) didn’t we do this quiz thing a year or so ago? and yet still i’m tempted to do it again *Sigh*

  3. daveyp

    “I say, is that blakkablakka?”

  4. jitterbug5bi5

    Hee, dragon. ^_^
    And #24, w00! xD

  5. loucheroo

    lol *smooch*

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