A ten-year-old ribbon

A ten-year-old ribbon

I wear this ribbon once a year. I knew Mario de la Peña before he was murdered in mid-air by the Cuban air force. It has been ten years now, and his family and friends still miss him.

(EDIT: I previously linked to this article but I’ve replaced the link with a better one.)



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6 responses to “A ten-year-old ribbon

  1. kittykatkatja

    My god, was that 10 years ago?

  2. sylvar


    Yup, ten years.

  3. cardinalximinez

    *moment of silence*

  4. kittykatkatja

    I was going to reply with “it’s hard to post a moment of quiet, reflective silence,” but apparently Ed just did…

  5. pappy74

    If you ever happen to come by a copy of that DVD, let me know, ok?

    Man… 10 years. Really doesn’t feel like that long.

  6. sylvar

    What, of the documentary?

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