I got my eyes checked yesterday. They left me alone in the room for a few minutes and I just had to whip out my camera…



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7 responses to “Phoropter

  1. guaharibo

    Ok that is an excellent and oddly well shot photo for having taken it in a dark room with a huge metal contraption on your face.

  2. sylvar

    And without a tripod, either — handheld. God bless digital cameras, what with the instant feedback about framing, lighting, etc.

  3. sylvar

    …by which I mean, I took about eight shots, and that was one of the few that was marginally acceptable.

  4. guaharibo

    mehe. I think this should start a trend. Everyone should attempt to photograph themselves while at the eye doctor, dentist, etc. when no one is looking.

  5. anonymous

    I’m betting that having all those hi-tech lenses in front of your eyes when you hit the camera flash will have given you some wonderful superhero power – maybe x-ray vision, incredible wind power, or perhaps the ability to wear your underpants on the outside.

    In fact, I think you should wear your underpants over your pants to work on Monday anyway. If anyone asks, just tell them that you’re celebrating Saint Outerpants Day (he’s the patron saint of Scotland).

    Davey P

  6. knobody

    “incredible wind power”

    look, up in the sky. it’s a bird. it’s a plane. no, it’s Fartman!

  7. e_r_e_n_e_t_a

    You know, you vaguely remind me of a tricked-out Doctor Octopus.

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