Does the runaround count as exercise?

USF’s parking map says that there are metered parking spaces in the USF Recreation Center lot. See if you can spot them near a sign reading ‘Beware of the Jaguar’:

Parking Meters at the USF Recreation Center

Yes, in that whole huge parking lot there are exactly ten metered spaces. And they were all taken tonight.

Which doesn’t matter much anyway, since once I managed to find a 15-minutes-only space, I found out I have to take off time from work to set up a family-of-a-student membership; that’s handled through the Recreation Center office, which is never open after 5:30pm. Sheesh.

I suspect I’ll end up springing for a campus parking permit. Or maybe I’ll just go with Jodi and use the handicapped spaces, and pay $3.00 for parking permits on the evenings when she’s in class.



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6 responses to “Does the runaround count as exercise?

  1. aj

    I thought they had taken care of the jaguar problem on campus. Enough people had been dragged into the underbrush as it was…..

  2. meander112

    Huh, that looks a lot like the O’Connell center parking lot.

  3. sylvar

    Except that the metered spaces would be where the “new” Gator Dining facility is.

    Man, one of these days I should really go back for MudFest…

  4. cardinalximinez

    Could Jodi take care of this for you, since she is on campus during the day?

    Les was able to do all kinds of bureaucratic BS for me at FIU.

  5. sylvar

    She generally doesn’t have time to do other stuff. I’m looping between voicemail extensions to try to reach someone by phone to figure this out…

  6. sylvar

    Update: I’m leaving a bit early today to take care of it in person.

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