If you haven’t seen the proposal already…

Zoinks! You can now watch me propose to Jodi on the Intarweb! What’ll they think of next?

Probably about a third of the people who read my journal were actually there at the time. If you missed seeing it, go watch it. It’s sweet. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day a bit early, !



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18 responses to “If you haven’t seen the proposal already…

  1. guaharibo

    That is so freakin adorable. Somewhere in cyberspace there is a text file with Chris saying “If I ask you to marry me you have to say yes”…I think your video beats that hands down. :)

  2. loucheroo

    That’s very sweet that you put that up :)

  3. curious_mold

    aww. that’s great.

  4. knobody



  5. forestdweller

    *sniff* Awwwww. Beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. aj

    I’m away from the internet for a week and you go and get engaged.

    Congratulations. Name your child AJ, and he will be strong, and be born well by your goodly wife.

  7. sylvar

    Oh, we got married a while ago. It’s just taken me this long to put the proposal online.

    And if we have a kid, I’m naming him Jehovah Jr., ’cause I’ve had a vasectomy.

  8. aj

    Well then……I just don’t pay attention.

    You have to name the kid Jah, though, because it sounds cooler, and when he smokes weed with his friends in high school and college, and he will, the name will come in handy.

  9. cardinalximinez

    Response the first: There was a camera there?

    Response the second: Forget the proposal. Post the wedding night!

  10. sylvar

    Heh. We didn’t leave until the DJ was putting the equipment into his truck, and then we went to an after-party or two at the hotel before falling asleep. Then we woke up early, drove to Kendall, stopped at Publix for supplies, drove to MM88 in the Keys, stopped to check out the Islander resort where my family used to go on vacation, made an interesting discovery, drove back up to Kendall, picked up Jodi’s crutches at the Publix customer service desk (right where we’d left them), and drove back down to Key West, arriving so late that I nearly fell asleep half an hour before we got there. I don’t think it got interesting until the following night.

  11. cardinalximinez


  12. bessie_glass

    but that was very very very sweet!

  13. sylvar

    What? I don’t care. I was just wondering if I knew someone at VZavenue or Accenture…

  14. sylvar

    Your name sounds familiar. Did you already know one of us? I stalked you back and saw that you’re involved in SEA, so you’re good people. Also you look cute in glasses, so that’s good reason to take advice about glasses from ya. :)

  15. bessie_glass

    you just recently posted on u_southflorida, and i thought you looked really familiar, so i tried looking on facebook to no avail (although obviously you must be on there somewhere to know i am a part of sea). i think you might just look familiar from past u_southflorida posts/comments.

  16. sylvar

    Yeah, I think that explains it. I’m not on Facebook, but your name is in your email account on your LJ profile, and searching Google for your name told me you’re their treasurer.

    (I’m an alumnus of USF’s library school, which is why I’m so good at finding information!)

  17. bessie_glass

    oh wow, i didn’t even realize i was linked with sea on google (not that it is a bad thing, of course).

  18. sylvar

    Oh, you can find out lots of stuff by putting your name into Google. Here’s what Google knows about me.

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