Another senseless waste of Dewey namespace

712: Landscape architecture and design
713: Landscape architecture and design for roadways and trafficways

Are you kidding? All known and unknown human diseases are crammed into 616, and we’re using 713 for putting flowers in median strips?!

(And if we’re actually supposed to use 625.77 for that, what the heck is 713 really for?)



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5 responses to “Another senseless waste of Dewey namespace

  1. cbustapeck

    Have I mentioned that about half (15,000 volumes) of the special collection I work in falls between E184.5 and E185.98?

    Some days, I just want to create my own organization scheme so that everything fits in a place that makes sense.

  2. sylvar

    A honky like you? Really? Sounds like a lot of fun! Are you a subject expert or just good at what you do?

  3. cbustapeck

    I interviewed for this job without knowing what the specific subject department opening was – there were a few positions open at the time. After the interview, they offered me a position in the African American Department, which rather surprised me.

    I didn’t know a lot about the subject area when I started the job, but I’ve learned.

    I do occasionally get funny looks from patrons, whose faces clearly show that they wonder “what’s this white boy doing here?”

    I love it. I’ve got considerable freedom with regard to the work that I do – I have to spend a few hours a day on the reference desk, and I have projects that have to be completed, but I also have plenty of time to work on other random projects, like massive cataloging efforts (as well as editing and cleaning up old/corrupted records) and begging for books covering African American artists from the museums that have published them.

    We’re looking to hire two librarians shortly, if you know anyone who might be interested.

  4. sylvar

    We’re looking to hire two librarians shortly, if you know anyone who might be interested.

    The only librarian I know who isn’t currently working in a library has never indicated an interest in moving; I’ll be moving eventually, when picks a graduate school for philosophy, but until then I won’t know where.

  5. cbustapeck

    Ah well. It’s a good liberry, it is!

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