Humbly submitted to…

sylvar: Oof. I finally got around to listening to the soundtrack to “Starlight Express”. I hope we’re not playing that stuff at the Guantanamo prisoners or we’re in for serious repercussions.

bethklein5: that bad?

sylvar: Truly awful.

bethklein5: aw

sylvar: I saw a neat documentary special on tattooing and extreme body modifications… like, there are some people who use very large fishhooks to hold themselves up, or tie themselves to swaying trees… not to mention the people who lay on beds of nails, etc. … all I have to say is: 1. ew, 2. give me four hours with Starlight Express on repeat and I can make ’em cry

reformatted for LJ


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  1. curious_mold

    oh that’s funny.

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