The Man With One White Slipper

I just got a bath slipper in the mail. It’s a large white bath slipper for my left foot. And it says that they’ll send me the matching slipper when I reserve my room at SpringHill Suites.

Now this isn’t quite as random as it sounds. I’m a BzzAgent, so I get odd stuff in the mail so I can pimp the swag. And this slipper was attached to a certificate for a free stay, which we’ll be using sometime soon to go to EPCOT. (The Lake Buena Vista SpringHill Suites is a “WDW Good Neighbor Hotel” offering a free shuttle to the property.)

But sending 50% of a pair of slippers? That was a new one on me.

They’re also offering my readers 25% off, so if you need a hotel in the neighborhood of $63.75-82.50 (after the discount), feel free to take them up on it:

(No, I don’t get a commission, just the aforementioned swag.)

UPDATE: fixed the prices.



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2 responses to “The Man With One White Slipper

  1. franthenut

    Seems almost.. wasteful. :D Here’s hopeing they at least didn’t send everyone out the same half, else they’ll be left with alot of right side slippers from people who aren’t going to use the ticker.

    Very nice deal for you though.

  2. sylvar

    Reminds me of a story I once read about a guy who got a sweet deal on 20,000 pairs of leather shoes from Italy. But he couldn’t possibly afford the import taxes, so how could he sell them at a profit in America? His solution was to import 20,000 left shoes with a declared value of $0 — after all, what possible value could there possibly be for 20,000 left-foot shoes? And once that shipment cleared Customs, he sent over another shipment with a declared value of $0 — after all, what possible value could there possibly be for 20,000 right-foot shoes?

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