You can’t dump me, I dumped you first!

I just got a call from my doctor’s office. They want me to find a new doctor. I’d already reached the conclusion that they weren’t the sharpest scalpels on the tray, and I was hoping to talk to a well-respected endocrinologist and get a recommendation for a better diabetes-savvy general practitioner.

They wanted to know why I was asking for a referral to an endocrinologist, and I said that I didn’t much care for the fact that they had left me alone in a room with a five-minute video and come back 20 minutes later to check on me. What kind of health care is that? Hell, that ain’t even decent patient education.

So they asked me to come in for a fasting blood draw in the middle of the morning. I negotiated for the beginning of a later day. Then they called back and said they thought I was unhappy with their service and they think it would be best if I find a new primary care office.

Well, you’re damn right I’m unhappy. And I’d probably be within my rights to insist that they see me, but I don’t want to be jabbed with needles by people who don’t want to jab me in the first place.

So I’ve put out a call on looking for a new doctor. I’m hopeful that I can find a decent one. I’m prepared to manage my own health, but it would be helpful to be working with someone who treats their patients better.

The only other issue here is that I’m feeling dumped, and wishing I had rejected them before they rejected me.



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14 responses to “You can’t dump me, I dumped you first!

  1. tealfroglette

    better luck!

  2. haemony

    I have NEVER heard of someone getting dumped by their doctor.


  3. heathrow

    Wow, your former docs sound awful. :(

  4. itwasstillhot

    We use Dr. Edward Braun in the Med Arts building on Dale Mabry Highway as our GP. Although their office doesn’t always run on time (which is to be expected to some degree), the office staff is funny and pleasant, and Dr. B. himself is really nice. He perfomed some very minor dermatological surgery on my scalp, and he was thorough, competent, and did not make a big deal (financial or otherwise) for a few extra issues I spontaneously had him address with his razor and Lidocaine.


  5. sylvar

    Bookmarked, thanks!

  6. itwasstillhot

    Right, since you bookmarked it, I suppose you have this already – – but I should have provided it in the initial email.
    My apologies!

  7. sylvar

    Actually, no, but I have it now in

  8. knobody

    btdt, and with my former ob/gyn at 10 or 11 weeks pregnant no less. everything turned out MUCH better for having been told that “we couldn’t work together.” i found a midwife who actually believed that i had a brain in my head and i would actually want to participate in my own pregnancy rather than just let the professionals handle it, i’m not qualified. anyway, i’m sure you will be much happier in the long run finding someone new, and that this will be a change for the better. some doctors need to seriously consider a career change to maybe truck driving.

  9. sylvar

    some doctors need to seriously consider a career change to maybe truck driving.

    God forbid! Truck drivers need a lot more intelligence than my old doctor, who would be likely to set the cruise control and come back 20 minutes later to see if he’s still on the road.

  10. anonymous

    That does suck, brother. I haven’t heard of a doctor dumping a patient either. On the plus side, if you decide to go back to that doctor, you might get to have some rockin’ makeup sex!


  11. knobody

    LOL, good point!

  12. tally_cat

    Oh, man. “Rockin’ makeup sex” with the doctor who dumped you? That could get kinky on so many levels…

  13. sylvar

    When I think “rockin'” and “makeup”, I think of this guy, with whom I would not like to have sex.

  14. tally_cat

    Why not? Everyone else has (according to him).

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