Fun with blood sugar

Yesterday I was hanging out in a bookstore reading Diabetes for Dummies and made a few interesting discoveries. First, I’m still supposed to consume 40%-60% of my daily calories as carbohydrates; my pseudo-Atkins attempt to avoid carbohydrates wasn’t doing me any good. Second, I was hypoglycemic at that very moment. Recognizing the symptoms as I read them, I wobbled over to the coffee shop, took a packet of sugar, and ate it. In a few minutes I was feeling normal again.

My mom got me back into daily walks, and it’s paying off. I’m down about 5 pounds since before the holidays. What a braggart!

And no, I didn’t buy the book. But I will soon.



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8 responses to “Fun with blood sugar

  1. tally_cat

    w00t! Go you!!

  2. tregoweth

    Better that you’re recognizing symptoms in Diabetes for Dummies than Colossal Brain Tumors for Dummies.

  3. tealfroglette

    actually ben the ONLY thing that worked for me was ignoring all that hooey and actively avoiding all GRAIN carbohydrates and keeping them below 10 carbs per meal for two weeks to ‘alter the blood chemistry’ and then below 65 for the day spread out, not all at once, and the only carbs allowed are from fruit not grains. That’s how i lost weight being diabetic and i didn’t have my stomach cut out, stapled, etc.

  4. cardinalximinez

    Funny, all the Atkins evangelists I’ve heard from said that avoiding the carbs helps control diabetes. Who’s right? (I would be inclined not to believe the Atkin’s folks, but that’s my own bias showing.)

  5. cardinalximinez

    s/all/most of/

  6. sylvar

    I’m sure they meant “avoiding the carbs help induce ketosis, which makes you lose weight,” (well, so does a really nasty flu, but that’s also a medical problem just like ketosis) “thus reducing diabetes symptoms”.

  7. cardinalximinez


  8. kittykatkatja

    It really also helps control blood sugar levels and insulin production – if you’re not introducing carbohydrates into your system, you’re not stimulating the insulin production, or needing the insulin to process the sugars. Nina’s living proof. I _was_ living proof in those Dorothy days, but then I started carbing again and became the opposite.

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