A technological Christmas

Well, I’ve gone and joined a cult. My membership badge is black and has a 30GB hard drive, and it plays videos — I like the Clerks 2 videoblog (vodcast?) and I’m still discovering others.

has forbidden me to mention her happy news, so let’s just hope she blogs about it soon.

We’ve been cleaning the apartment bit by bit, and buying textbooks, and just generally defragging our lives.

So… favorite video podcasts, audio podcasts (retronym much?), and other stupid iPod tricks?



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3 responses to “A technological Christmas

  1. heyharmony

    I can’t say much about the ‘casts, but I’m loving my audible subscription and I’m only on my first book. I, however, went Zen — Creative Zen. Also black. I love it.

  2. magnoliafly

    mmm that new iPod smell.

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