Holiday update

I’ve played more Monopoly this weekend than I ever thought I would. It’s not really all that much fun, but Jodi likes it, so I play it. And besides, it’s marginally more difficult to play than Uno and Skip-Bo. The Geevers are playing Taboo now (and arguing about whether “CD” is a valid answer for “compact disc”). This is the game-playingest family I’ve ever seen.

I’ve got a variety of presents in the car. One mom gave my disease a bunch of presents; the other mom gave me candy and oatmeal creme pies (and corn chips, which goes to prove that it was the standard stocking stuffer assortment). I’m not sure which is more depressing. I’ve been walking, though — three or four miles a day, generally.

Sudoku is probably going to force my brain into the sort of zone it used to fall into, the sort of glassy-eyed concentration that Fischer operates in, the Csikszentmihalyian flow that used to accompany my math-competition days. Or it might not. I can see myself abandoning language to operate at the level of pictures. To my surprise, I’ve realized that I do think in pictures, at least more than I thought I did. I seem to have some things in common with Aspies, though whether that list includes the obvious would be a matter of speculation.

I thought this would be the year I finally got the menorah right, but it turns out that I was supposed to light the first candle after sundown on Christmas. Screw it. I’ll try again next year.



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5 responses to “Holiday update

  1. loucheroo

    if you think theyre very game-playing, you haven’t seen my family :D I hate monopoly, though. My family is mostly into the word game/thinking game type of thing. Trivia games, taboo, balderdash… though we also love pictionary.

    The bestest game ever, though, is Facts In Five. YAY!

    I’m sorry some of your gifts were somewhat thoughtless :(

  2. heyharmony

    First, the man & the dog in that icon is freaking me out a little bit.

    I definitely come from and am currently with a bunch of game-playing nuts. They aren’t often board games, but I’m not opposed to those, either. We like card games. Lots of cribbage happens here. K and I have an on-going tally of who owes whom at any given time.

    With the family we often play dominoes — mexican train. We also like Rummikub, Uno, Phase 10, Triva.. lots and lots of trivia, and many others.

    K and I just got the Bunco supplies so now we can host a Bunco party!!!

    Okay, we’re game geeks and we know it. But we do have fun.

    As for family gifts, I think even if they didn’t know you well, a tie or a gift certificate to a department store would have been a better choice than food things.

    You said “my disease.” What disease? Are you diabetic? (noted from tags). I didn’t know you were officially diagnosed as such. IF that’s the case, the food gifts (oatmeal cremem pies??? good, yes; but helloooo????) were not the best choice. Did they know about the diabetes? Again, I think a gift card in any amount to Target is, by far, the ultimate gift no matter what. When in!

  3. sylvar

    The icon is based on a Slate illustration. It’s been cropped but not otherwise modified.

    Yes, I’m diabetic. That’s why I’ve gotta lose weight, so I don’t have to stick myself with pointy things.

  4. tealfroglette

    Bunco! i for one would love an invitation. :) Not sure how we’d get there, but i would love to play. :)

  5. tealfroglette

    that’s the same for me. The only way that i was actually able to loose weight fast enough and without blood sugar crashes was with whey protein powder in coffee for breakfast, lots of salads and nuts for lunch (but i ate grilled chicken) for protein often, and tons of broccoli and the low carb protein bars. I had leftovers when i was doing the nanny job and did not eat the carbs. stevia and splenda have worked as sweetners when i wanted that. the hardest thing is the ‘salt deficiency’ and not having the right sodium levels. I still laugh when i think of ed H telling me he’s getting me a deer lick for my birthday. (this was when we stepped off the plane at north perry and i was licking salt from a packet in my palm. :)

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