Hooray! I’ve finally earned a KitchenAid stand mixer! With the Amazon.com discount code HOHOHOHO and free Super Saver shipping, I can get an excellent one for $146. I’m getting around $40 in fun money for a crossword puzzle I just created, I’ve got about $80 in fun money from turking, and I’ve already received $50 in cash as a Christmas gift. That’s enough to put this in motion any time I choose.

(We’ve agreed that of the money I earn at turking and crosswording, half of it is “fun money” for me, and half of it will retire some debt. So I’ve also earned about $120 for that purpose.)

So what do y’all think — should I get one in white or onyx black?

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  1. heathrow

    I’m assuming your kitchen appliances are mostly in white or off-white, so I’ll vote white. :)

    BTW – you will love your stand mixer. :D

  2. sylvar

    I assume you’ve got one too. What do you use yours for?

  3. heathrow

    I do have one; it was a wedding present.
    I use mine for baking mostly: kneading of doughs, mixing, etc. I use it more in the fall and winter, because that’s when my baking moods strike more.

    There’s a fantastic recipe for sweet yeast rolls in the little cookbook that comes with. In addition, the basic pizza dough is also quite tasty.

  4. knobody

    i think the black one looks nicer, but i’m practical. any little bit of flour will show up well on the black, so for that reason alone you may want to opt for white. of course, mine is dijon (annoying yellow color), but that’s because they are so ugly they don’t sell well so i won the ebay auction cheap. someday i’ll have it painted orange and blue :).

  5. turtlebat23

    Black! :)

  6. tregoweth

    Black — it’ll hide dirt.

    What does HOHOHOHO get you? And why didn’t I hear about it until after I order a bunch of stuff* from Amazon?

    (* Brian Eno DVD, w00t!)

  7. curious_mold

    I am crying now. I desperately want one of those.

    I’m going into my kitchen now, and I’m going to suffer greatly as I mix, beat, and churn things the old fashioned way…


  8. curious_mold

    Get the black one.

    Anyway, you earned it.

  9. hitchkitty

    Ah, a Briner’s dream come true — now all you need is the Kosher Cellar.

    We just got a Kitchenaid, after lusting after one for years. Having may not always be as pleasing a thing as wanting…but in this case…prrrrr.

  10. sylvar

    …aaaaaaaaand THAT is the opinion that matters most, folks. :)

  11. sylvar

    Please explain. I would like to try making pickles. How will my new black stand mixer assist in this process?

  12. sylvar

    It gets you $25 off a purchase of $125 or more in the Kithcen & Housewares or Bed & Bath category.

  13. hitchkitty

    Sorry, guess I went a little hyperbolic there. I recall you being an Alton fan as well — a Briner, as some call us — and I remember him posting a rant/rave awhile back about HIS brand-new mixer ^_^

    Of course, I suppose if pugilistic pounding and pummeling were part and parcel of the pickle-producing process, the Kitchenaid might indeed help.

  14. osh1013

    I would have to say black, because … well, duh. But what you should realllly get is Flames!

  15. sylvar

    Yeah, I know, but there’s only so much fanboying I can do at any one time. Maybe I’ll buy some small go-faster flames from a Honda-dork store. Or maybe I’ll just buy a “Type R” logo. That makes anything go faster, right?

  16. tealfroglette

    cheesecake, quiches galore, egg cremes, ice cream made from store purchased eggnog, foods you and i don’t eat for toad, pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookie dough, due to the wheat allergy i haven’t made bread with it yet. i need somebody who can eat wheat here! like maybe a King Cake during mardi gras in february… When are you coming during Mardi Gras season? I need to make a reservation spot picker, but i don’t know how to code that. :)

  17. tealfroglette

    very cool! mine’s cobalt cuz that’s toad’s favorite color and i hope to get some teal frogs painted on it within a few years. :)

  18. sylvar

    I’m not sure… when is froggie gras?

  19. osh1013

    Dude! Type-R logo! Completely!

  20. sylvar

    I’ll have to figure out how to bend it to the curve of the mixer. Either that or get a decal of Calvin peeing into the meringue.

  21. knobody

    you could always try a heat gun.

  22. tealfroglette

    how come the kitchenaid pro model you posted is ‘allowed’ under the hoho discount for you when the fine print says all the ‘good knives’ and kitchenaid pro lines are not included?

  23. sylvar

    I assume it’s because factory-reconditioned stand mixers are, for some reason, not in the “KitchenAid Professional 5” category.

  24. tealfroglette

    mardi gras is later in feb this year than last. The parades here will start in Early feb, but the majority of them in daphne and fairhope and mobile will be the weekends of the 18th

    that’s when we know people in the parades:http://www.eschamber.com/calendarframe.htm

    and monday/tuesday the 24th-28th which is the much busier time. there will also be parades in mobile too, on those dates.

  25. sylvar

    Why “Briner”? And what fandom sites should I know about, other than GEFP and the Good Eats LJ community?

    I always figured it’d be “Brownies” myself.

  26. hitchkitty

    Well, there’s the Good Eats Mailing List — YahooGroup, rather. And I dimly recall somewhere on the Good Eats Fan Page (humor section) a send-up of a Trekker *ahem* Briner Convention…

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