Anti-lock brakes

So. My usual mechanic says that the anti-lock braking circuit is draining the battery. Pulling the fuse for that circuit stops the problem, but disables ABS.

According to the service manager at my garage, ABS is not all that important anyway: it rarely even gets used, and when it does get used, it can often increase your stopping distance. He dislikes ABS, and says that if I have to pay more than $200-300 to get it fixed, he’d suggest not getting it fixed at all — if nothing else relies on the ABS fuse. If Mazda says that the ABS system can be disabled without causing additional problems, and it’s expensive to fix, then the mechanic I trust says “leave the damn thing broken”.

The jury is still out. Jodi and I can’t make that decision until we have information from the dealership. Speaking in generalities, I’m inclined to take my mechanic at his word. I learned to drive on a car without ABS, and the braking system felt firm and powerful when I tested it on the way to the dealership.



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10 responses to “Anti-lock brakes

  1. tally_cat

    I drove without ABS for several years.

    I’m still alive, if that means anything.

  2. sylvar

    Interesting. Why did you stop driving without ABS after several years? Was it about ABS or did that car just leave your service?

  3. cardinalximinez

    If the repair is cheap, I’d do it. If not, and if losing your ABS won’t hurt anything else, then just practice pumping the brake on wet surfaces. ;)

    ABS is a relatively recent invention. Your first couple of cars probably didn’t have it, so it shouldn’t take much getting used to not having it again.

  4. tally_cat

    I had no problems without the ABS, I just moved to Tallahassee and didn’t want to drag my father’s truck up here. It also did NOT have power steering, which I loved. Man, I could really accelerate on curves….

    I might add, my craptacular ABS in my Stratus caused THREE accidents and came within $500 of totaling my car twice.

    Newer vehicles just usually come equiped with ABS, so I’ve never paid much attention to it now.

  5. heyharmony

    Do you get an auto-insurance discount for having ABS breaks? If so, calculate that into your considerations. I’m trying to think where I was/what was happening when having ABS was a good thing that meant paying less for something… registration? insurance? something like that.

  6. fizzgig_bites

    I don’t like ABS because I lived without it. I naturally pump the brakes and in an ABS car that is bad. ABS is good for people who panic and slam on the brakes and hold their foot there. I on the other hand, pump break in stopping and rain. I also prefer the rear light action with pumping brakes during rain. Seeing flashing lights is more likely than seeing lights at a constant. ABS gives you a discount on insurance. If you disable your ABS, you get the best of both worlds in my opinion.

  7. tealfroglette

    i’m not sure what les meant, but if you disable your ABS and you take the “discount” on your insurance co, and there is an accident and it’s ‘found out’ that you disabled or did not repair your ABS you are commiting insurance fraud and can loose your insurance coverage and even go to jail in some states.

  8. sylvar

    My State Farm agent told me that ABS qualifies me for a whopping $52/year insurance discount. That might offset the cost of repairs (still haven’t heard from the dealership), but it’s probably not enough to make the decision for us.

  9. fizzgig_bites

    My car when we bought it was listed as a car with ABS. I did the insurance paperwork and told them it did not. The VIN number says it does. I know it does not. It does not drive like one that does, it doesn’t sound like one that does, and it doesn’t have the hardware in place for one that does. I had the insurance guy write up a letter saying that I notified Allstate that my car does not have ABS and that was that. Until the day that Allstate was canceled my car was listed as having ABS. When we changed, our new company didn’t recognize it as a discount because ABS has proven itself to not help in many situations. Maybe it is a state by state thing.

    Since Nina brought it up, ask your insurance agent and see. Maybe it isn’t a big deal in Florida, maybe it is. It wasn’t for me.

  10. fizzgig_bites

    I have no idea of my posting is set for tomorrow, but I posted it about the same time as Ben replied.

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