Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa chocolate is amazing stuff. I got a 1.2-ounce bar of it at Borders tonight for $1.50, and that’s a bargain compared to any “candy bar” chocolate I’ve tasted. It’s also a good portion (fewer calories than a soda, only about 10 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of protein), and while I probably could eat more than these eight squares, I imagine it would lose its impact after a while.

I’m told that 85% Cocoa and 99% Cocoa bars are available, but only after a pilgrimage to a Lindt store (the Dolphin Mall in Miami, WestShore Plaza in Tampa). Probably just as well. The uninitiated might find 99% Cocoa unpleasant. Heck, I might, at that. But the 70% is so smoky and supple that I’m looking forward to finding out. If Santa doesn’t stick one in my stocking, I’ll just have to venture out in January.



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  1. knobody

    may have to give that a try someday.

    for a heavenly milk chocolate experience, look for ritter sport alpine milk (not their regular milk chocolate).

  2. anonymous


    You should keep an eye out for Green & Black’s Organic (www.greenandblacks.com), which apparently is “widely available in natural food stores across America”. They also do some incredible ice cream :-D

    I’ll get Bryony to construct an industrial catapult to send a few bars flying across the Atlantic in the general direction of your stocking.

    Have fun!
    Davey P

    p.s. be careful not to roast your chestnuts on that open fire, young fella-me-laddie!

  3. heyharmony

    The Millenial Mall in Orlando has a store that sells them, too! I think I got the 99% there a couple years back.


  4. sylvar

    I feel so bad for you. This is why mail-order is such a good idea.

    So what do you remember about the taste and/or price of the 99%?

  5. sylvar

    I’ve emailed the Merkin distributor to find out if it’s sold around Tampa. If you really want to give me a Christmas present, find an easy way of constructing Web 2.0-ish stuff for Horizon libraries and show me how to do it! (Or write a kickass tutorial for everyone.) I haven’t really studied a language in detail since PHP 3, so AJAX confuses me.

  6. tealfroglette

    world market (a chain store that just opened a branch somewhat near us) has seventy and eight and eightyfive percent bars which they put on sale every so often. Toad loves em.

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