Dazed and confused

This afternoon I found myself unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. I tried to make sense of all of the things I need to do to get the network humming, and I went into a sort of infinite recursion. I wandered the office for about ten minutes, thinking about how I could get my brain sorted out, whether it was the constant whine of the open server behind me, or too many carbs for lunch (tomato soup in a bread bowl 90 minutes earlier), or whether I was just losing my mind. It was pretty scary.

I ended up finally articulating what I was thinking: I need to get out of here for a while. I went home at 3:30 (ironically when Jodi wanted me to leave anyway; I’d told her I didn’t think I could). I had no problem driving, though that didn’t require much thought, only presence.

When I got home, I cleaned out the catboxes thoroughly (they were beginning to really stink), filled them up, took out the very smelly trash, and now I’m working on laundry. I’m thinking that maybe some physical activity will help. I’m also thinking that I’ve been really thirsty for a while and I haven’t done anything about it. But now that I can sustain that thought long enough to do something about it… okay, now I’ve got a water bottle.

Gotta wonder if this is a diabetes thing or what. I’ve got a sinus headache, too. (It’s naht a tumah.) Or maybe I suffer from the dread disease hypochondria. I don’t know. But I’m going to see if I can get this hyper-ADD turned off. And, yes, I did take the normal amount of Strattera today, and got a normal amount of sleep.



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9 responses to “Dazed and confused

  1. tealfroglette

    i can tell you when i have high carbs, like a bread bowl, i get very much like you described you were feeling. are you testing as diabetic?

    do you take any combination of ‘sugar removing’ vitamins/minerals/substances when u have tons of carbs too see if it does anything to help concentration.

    the frog replies to every vaxmail are usually when i’ve had overload of sugar… .or in major pelvic arthritis pain. tis a similar ditzy and inability to really concentrate, hense ‘frogging’ named after my ‘review and correction’ or additions to what i just typed…

  2. heyharmony

    Some people think that hydration, or lack thereof, can cause similar symptoms. The brain, which sorta floats in a pool of water, is very sensitive to your body’s hydration levels.

    Suggestion from my doctor: When you’re at work and feeling like you can’t concentrate, try drinking a cup of water.

    If this is something that’s happening to you, you know the drill; talk to your doctor. Get the tess, etc. Your sugar is also something to consider. But, too, it could be any number of things going on. Water just happens to be an inexpensive fix if it’s that.

    Feel better! *hugs*

  3. sylvar

    are you testing as diabetic?

    Yup, that’s what the doctor says.

    do you take any combination of ‘sugar removing’ vitamins/minerals/substances when u have tons of carbs too see if it does anything to help concentration.

    Protein seems to help. What else should I try?

  4. sylvar

    Thanks for the advice and the hugs!

  5. tealfroglette

    Okay. here is what i take, just so you know.

    Glucophage XR 500 mg two tablets of this, usually in the morning. It acts on the liver, so no heavy alcohol drinking is suggested, a glass of wine or beer per day is considered okay by most medical professionals. i have occassional margaritas and am fine. The doc checks the liver in tests my insurance covers. If i understand it correctly, it tells your liver, “hey liver, don’t make sugar out of anything to put in the blood stream, i don’t need it.” The doc in atlanta put me on four tablets a day ‘build up to it’ because regular glucophage not ‘eXtended Release’ is hard to handle on the digestive system. both pandora and i didn’t tolerate it well. also, some of the generic brands don’t work as well for me.

    The non prescription stuff is this:
    Chromium piccolinate 1200- 1500 mg per day. It has to be one of the ‘ate’ endings. eating a chrome bumper won’t help, can’t absorb it. I don’t take that as early if i’ve eaten a low carb breakfast because it tends to lower my blood sugar a bit tooo much. Better saved for lunchtime or dinnertime due to my ‘having carbs later in the day’ issue. leftover from cookies and milk after school? i dunno, i eat carbs i shouldn’t usually in the afternoon.

    Alpha lipoic acid. 600 mg a day. I usually get 200 mg capsules on sale somewhere. cheap works just as good as expensive for me. Drink with plenty of water, can cause heartburn for me if the gel. containers get stuck in the esophagus. again, i take those later usually because that’s when i tend to have the carbs. I’ve also tried splitting them up.

    for explanations on those two supplements mineral and acid you can read the low carb doctor’s book Eades protein power or poke around websites.

    Those are not the only sugar reducers from the blood, or aids to sugar reduction, but those are readily available, and work for toad and frog, frog’s mom, and some friends too. :)

    I’ll have to get back with you on the ‘other possibilities’.

    Then there’s the book “eat right for your blood type’ which i know has been trashed on vax for the diet suggestions. However, the ‘allergies i have to foods’ which can’t be faked in a blood test! are almost exactly word for word right, as are my mom’s.

    So, it can’t hurt to eat the beneficial for your blood type and see what happens, now can it? Are u A? that’s the mostly vegan diet suggestions anyway, so there you have it. If you care to know, i’ll type it up for you and stick it on my LJ where u can cut and paste. let me know.

  6. tealfroglette

    Are you testing your blood sugar? Did you do a three hour, or six hour glucose test? How did your doc say, “hey you are diabetic?”

    I tried controlled by diet alone and that didn’t work. And i think you were at the vax party where i ran out of pills cuz it was the end of the month and i didn’t have any glucophage.

    I only test once in a while, recommended three x a week, but i don’t do that cuz i hate pain and the expense.

  7. tealfroglette

    That’s good info too. The water is very important. i get dizzy up in the plane above 8K due to dehydration. It’s a pain to balance the ‘dehydration’ and have to pee, man that hurts the pelvic arthritis thing. i almost always have to urinate upon landing. if i don’t, i’m probably way dehydrated and heading toward dizzy, ditzy, or a huge headache.

  8. fizzgig_bites

    Welcome to my life. I’m not diabetic though, just ADHD.

    I have several strategies for when this happens and it does often.

    I took up Buddhist mediation when I went back to school because I was having trouble concentrating and eventual panic attacks. Because I was on Ritalin and rejected it, drugs are not an answer for me. Instead of focusing about gods and what not, focus on the feeling of the air moving in and out of your nose and across your upper lip. If you have access to outside, trees, birds, waves, are all good things to think about. Just pick something that you find innately calming. Close your eyes and force yourself to concentrate on the bird chirping, the noise of the plane overhead, or the feel of air across your upper lip. It takes a while of repeated forcing yourself back to what you were focusing on. I helps get the hyper hunter in me to calm down after a fix.

    Another strategy I have, if I can’t sit still is to take a piece of paper and write an idea in the center. Create a spider web of brainstorming and keep going till the page is packed full and then throw it out quickly. You can save it, but put in some place where you won’t look at it. I do this strategy a lot when I am worried about something. Problems/situations/ideas seem a lot smaller when written on paper and all the details running around in your head are just a few on paper. Your brain can release the idea or clarify it. I’m tactile dependent, so this helps reset my brain.

    The worst time is during tests. I choose to not take advantage of the disability resources offered to me because I wanted to do this like everyone else. However, sometimes when I walk into a test I am hyper, anxious, and cannot focus to save my life. My hearing goes wacky. Florescent lighting is the worst, and I can’t tell you why. I sit in my desk, close my eyes, and feel the breath across my lip. I have panic that I need to get to work out, but I also say to myself that the work I do will be wrong and pointless if I don’t calm down. I lose five minutes of time to sitting there doing nothing with my eyes closed, but in the long run it is best.

    See a doctor about your situation but until then fidget with things, write brainstorming maps, or anything that helps you focus and makes your senses focus on whatever you are doing.

    Good luck!

  9. knobody

    another thing to consider is gluten. celiac’s disease is the most under diagnosed genetic disorder in this country. mainly it’s because doctors in this country just don’t know about it, but it’s also because it has such a wide range of symptoms, and some of them aren’t digestive. your lack of ability to concentrate sounds like one of them. my friend’s family all has it, and her younger son displays hyperactive symptoms when he has any gluten.

    if this lack of concentration seems to happen primarily around times you have consumed a lot of gluten (i notice you have been into breadmaking lately) it’s something to consider. also, remember that gluten isn’t just in wheat-containing products. it’s also in rye and barley (beer) and ingredients in food like modified food starch, some brands of msg, and the ever popular “natural and artificial flavors.”

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