Anti-Flag will take a few months out of its socialist-propagandizing schedule to help a shoe company reach the teen market this summer.

A bit snarky, I suppose, but the article later mentions that For Blood and Empire will be coming out in March, which makes me happy. I just hope RCA knows enough not to put DRM malware on the CD.

On the subject of DRM malware, why on earth is it Windows’ (and possibly Mac OS’) default stance that anything put in a CD drive should be treated as autorunnable data? I’d love to be able to tick the box for “Treat all media in this drive as audio-only, and if there appears to be a data track, use a dialog box to ask whether I want to open the data track.”



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  1. cardinalximinez

    Because MS is big and arrogant enough that it never occurs to them that anything they do can be used for nefarious purposes until it’s happened 3 or 4 times.

    Word macros
    Executable email
    Executable files based on extention
    Default CGI scripts runnable out of the box in IIS
    File sharing on by default with default share names

    At least you can turn autorun off.

  2. vartan

    Heh, I blame it on the explosion of lame autorun technology in the mid 90s.

    I think it is off by default in MacOS X, though maybe not…If not though, there is a single checkbox to turn it off (there was in earlier OS versions as well, though it was put in a very unusual place).

    Personally, I think autorun CDs are stupid; well at the very least ‘enhanced’ CDs. I can kind of see the reason why for support convenience a company might want their software installer to auto-run when you put the disc in… but putting a audio CD in just to listen to it and having some gaudy Director-based monstrosity pop open and take over your screen, most likely bogging down every other thing you have running at the time, in the process… well, I’m sure you know what I mean.

  3. sylvar

    Said it before and I’ll say it again…

    “Oh look, a rusty needle is sticking out of that garbage bag! Needles contain medicine. Medicine is good for you. Therefore… *jab* Wow, I’m feeling so healthy that the alley is spinning…”

  4. jitterbug5bi5

    Er.. I agree with the first commenter at the bottom of that article.. wtf? They’ve played Warped Tour more than once before, and probably will again; why are they making some big deal out of this like Justin just woke up and decided to abandon everything, ‘sell out’ & sign up for the tour. OH NOES, cause they’ve never played that before.. oh wait.. >.> aversion must be on retarded pills.. or something.

  5. cardinalximinez


  6. h_postmortemus

    TweakUI will do that, I think. Or something close to that.
    I’ve been in the habit of disabling autorun on my system since i started using Windows95. It really is psychotic… It’s not like malicious software delviery upon boot is a new concept. The 70’s and 80’s 8-bit computing days were full of viruses and trojans that did that sort of thing.

    Oh, and Microsoft never learns. While they’ve moved away from going with unsecure defautls for all the OLD features in Win2K that XP has, they just introduce new features that of course have very insecure defaults.

    I call it job security.

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