Dreaming of annoyance, I wake up annoyed

This morning I dreamed that I left about an hour late to the Harry Potter premiere because of various stupid things I had to do around the house, and then I had to run/walk several miles north-ish to the town where it was actually playing, only there were no sidewalks, just curvy roads with lots of 18-wheelers on them and thick brush by the sides of the road. I woke up supremely annoyed before I even got to the premiere.

The night before that, I dreamed that I was being pointlessly and ineffectively tortured. I didn’t know who my captor was but I had already offered to tell them anything — not out of fear, just because I don’t have a whole lot of secrets. And yet my captor decided to “torture” me anyway by gently tugging at my hair, tapping me lightly on the chest, etc. And then they’d ask “So, are you ready to talk?” and I’d say “Um, YEAH, I already told you I’ll answer any questions you want.” “Oh, tough guy, eh? Well, let’s see if this softens you up.” And then it was back to the gentle hair-tugging again. I woke up baffled and moderately annoyed.

I need to start dreaming about being happy and calm.



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4 responses to “Dreaming of annoyance, I wake up annoyed

  1. foozini

    It sounds to me like you need to get out of your little fantasy life with Harry Potter… :)

  2. cardinalximinez

    “Cardinal Fang. CARDINAL FANG! Fetch… the comfy chair!!!!”

  3. froglettewriter

    before you go to bed, not ripping tape off your chest or something.

    Are you wearing an HP costume? :)

    Enjoy Harry! when is it? did i miss it already? are (frog should surface from her novelwriting to notice the world still is out there besides research on the web and her painful wrist.)

  4. sylvar

    I don’t know if I’m going in costume. At this rate, probably not.

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