Musical Parking Lot

Musical Parking Lot

This mural is kitty-corner to the Hilton. I don’t know what music it represents, but it’s a lot prettier than an empty wall.



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5 responses to “Musical Parking Lot

  1. halspal

    The mural is painted on the side of Schmitt Music and has been a beloved Minneapolis landmark since I was a little kid.

    The notation itself is a part of the piano score for the third movement from Ravel’s piano triptych, “Gaspard de
    la Nuit.”

  2. sylvar

    Ah, I was going to guess Debussy, so I guess I wasn’t far off. Thanks!

  3. sylvar

    Thanks! I went to Loring Park today — you should check out my photos on Flickr.

  4. curious_mold

    It’s the third movement from Maurice Rave…aww, nevermind. Someone beat me to it.

  5. sylvar

    Man. I think I’m musically dumber than I thought. I understood vaguely, in a visual way, that it was lush and sweeping, but I couldn’t have heard it in my head, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard this particular Ravel suite.

    Or maybe I just run with a musical crowd…

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