Ouch, dammit.

So here it is, the morning of my presentation on anonymous library cards, and my throat is congested and raw AND my right knee hurts a bit. I know I can get through this presentation, but I’m not sure I should.

If I give the presentation and end up hoarse the rest of the week, that’ll suck. On the other hand, it’s possible that I’ll end up hoarse anyway and it’s a good thing my presentation was scheduled for the very first slot so I could still give it. Or maybe, if I duck out, I’ll be saving my voice and avoiding further damage.

Well, I guess I’ll probably give the talk. It’s probably only going to be about 15 minutes, so that shouldn’t kill me. And I do really want to evangelize.

The things I do for CODI…

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8 responses to “Ouch, dammit.

  1. turtlebat23

    I’m sure your presentation will rock! Good Luck! Feel Better! Might I suggest some Miso soup? I love you! J.

  2. cardinalximinez

    Take a big bottle of water, apologize at the beginning for your voice, and do your best. Normally, I’m big on “take it easy”, but this is a “once in a long while” event, and who knows when you’ll have the chance again…

  3. madam_sosostris

    I would suggest slippery elm tea, but it looks like I’m too late. Perhaps as a restorative?

    How did it go?

  4. sylvar

    Thanks, but I think the only miso soup around here would involve a bit of hiking. I’ll try Aleve, heat, and rest.

  5. sylvar

    See my latest entry here.

  6. sylvar

    That’s what I said about ads like this, but I was outvoted.

  7. cardinalximinez

    Being a cynic, and inexperienced with the subtleties of craigslist, that really sounds fake to me.

    That said, that’s a whole different ballgame. And I would humbly suggest that you’re more likely to get more of those sorts of opportunities in the future anyway than the professional speaking kind…

  8. sylvar

    True, true.

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