Today I packed a rolling suitcase and a backpack with almost all the gadgets a modern Pharaoh would be entombed with: GPS, digital camera, PDA, cell phone, laptop, and cables to connect them all. Then I watched

Tomorrow morning I’ll drive to Orlando to take a plane to Minneapolis. You can track AirTran Flight 870 to see where I am. (It should leave around 10am Eastern time.)

I’ll be at the CODI 2005 conference, presenting on a panel Monday morning, and learning from speakers through Wednesday. Thursday I’ll get trained on a product that doesn’t exist yet, and Friday morning I’ll shut down almost all the TBLC servers in Tampa around 5am Minneapolis time so that new carpet can be installed in the server room. Then I’ll fly home, and assuming that no asshats decide that Veterans’ Day would be a peachy time to fly a thousand-mile nonstop jumbo jet into the Mall of America, I’ll be home right around rush hour. Those of you who have driven in Tampa during rush hour may wonder which would be the kinder fate.

Meanwhile, the revolution will be blogged with the canonical tag on Flickr, Technorati, and other tag-aware sites.



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2 responses to “645

  1. cardinalximinez

    Is there an echo in here?

  2. cadrys

    Is there an echo in here?

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