I weighed in this morning and found that I had indeed lost some weight despite three days without intentional exercise.

336.   Current weight: 322.   Goal weight: 200.   14 lbs lost.

And that brings me to a landmark in my journey…

I’ve lost 10% of the weight I want to lose.

Now, to celebrate… does anyone know how to deep-fry Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?



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9 responses to “Whew!

  1. franthenut

    Peanut oil. ;)

    Though I don’t think the chocolate would hold up too well. Very crispy. :) But if they can manage to fry icecream…

    Congrats either way. :)

  2. tally_cat

    Whoa! Congrats!!
    I’m at like, -10% of what I want to lose.

  3. sylvar

    Well, okay, if someone dared me to do it, I guess I’d freeze the suckers, then roll ’em in powdered sugar to provide something for batter to hold onto, then dip ’em in a batter and drop ’em in just long enough to cook the batter.

  4. franthenut

    Still sounds pretty nasty though :) Guess not everthing is tasty when fried. *laughs*

  5. loucheroo

    YAY!! That’s wonderful :)

    LOL i dont see why it wouldnt work with reese’s pb cups… deep fried Mounds bar sounds better to me, though. mmmmmmmm…. chocolate, coconut, deep frying and a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top… what could be bad? *laugh*

  6. meander112


  7. cardinalximinez

    Sometimes, just getting the body used to losing weight can go a long way towards losing weight. ‘Grats.

  8. gardenwaltz

    woo-hoo! wish me luck, i’m starting back on the ww wagon monday. i promised my boss (who is starting with me) so that i can’t back out.

  9. sylvar

    I wish you better than luck. I wish you the desire to remember your goals even when confronted by convenient or and/or tempting wrong decisions.

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