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Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed. I’ll reply and give you five questions to answer. You’ll update your LJ with the five questions answered. You’ll include this explanation. Then you ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

  1. If you could play a role on a TV series/movie who would it be?

    Oh, I guess I’d like to be the live-action Comic Book Guy, or, when I’ve lost enough weight, Professor Frink.

  2. What bad habit would you like to lose?

    Sloppy to nonexistent documentation.

  3. What fantastic invention have you thought of that you’d like to share with the world?

    Anonymous library cards.

  4. If you could be best friends with anyone (live or dead) throughout history who would it be?

    Elizabeth I would have been a pretty interesting best friend. I doubt she’d share my fascination with blogs, though, and she was apparently a bit high-strung. That would annoy me. I don’t really know. My first thoughts were “Jesus Christ” and “Jodi”, although I’m not sure either of those will actually ever happen. All I can do is keep trying on both counts. Kevin Smith wouldn’t be a bad answer either.

  5. Do you have a phobia you’d like to overcome?

    Yeah, I wish I didn’t get irritable in enclosed spaces. When Jodi and I have to work out a disagreement, she feels most comfortable talking in the bedroom with the door closed, and I feel pretty uncomfortable with the door closed, especially if we’ve got a problem to talk about. So we can’t even talk things out unless one of us starts out uncomfortable.



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6 responses to “Interview by <lj user=”magnoliafly”>

  1. vixi

    interview please!

  2. cardinalximinez

    Open a window. ;) Then you get the added bonus of forcing yourself to keep your voice down.

  3. sylvar

    What event or moment in your childhood had the most influence on who you are now?
    An army of adoring geeks is at your door. As a gift to you, they want to create a small portable device that’s amazingly good at doing something, and give it to you. What do you want their device to do?
    If you had to live without one of your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, gaydar, spidey, etc.) for five years, which would you pick?
    If you could permanently enhance one of your senses, which would it be?
    You’re working on an upcoming issue of a very widely-read magazine in which you and the editors will name 100 people that most people have never heard of, but whose work is absolutely amazing. These artists, musicians, storytellers, sages, philosophers, pundits, etc. will become famous almost overnight, and the world will have the benefit of knowing their work. An obscure band from Thornhill could become as well-known as the King of Pop. Whose names will you suggest for the issue?

  4. loucheroo

    Didn’t we do this one ages ago? it’s circled back around, has it? lol
    Well, go ahead and interview me again, then :)

    Ed’s suggestion is a good one about opening the window. Why does Jodi feel the need to be with the door closed in a bedroom? is she afraid you’ll run off or is it because she doesn’t want others in the house to hear or what? There has to be some compromise, becuase neither of you should feel at a disadvantage during a disagreement!

  5. sylvar

    She feels safer and more relaxed in a closed room for the same inexplicable non-reasons that I feel safer and more relaxed when the door is open.

    What have you learned from your first marriage?
    Is there anything that your mom or dad could cook much better than anyone else ever could?
    You’ve been asked to help compile a list of books which should be given to every English-reading family upon the birth of their first child. Some of them might be parenting books, others might be books that the child will enjoy reading at some age. Assume that neither cost nor shelf space would be an issue. What books would you insist absolutely must be on the list?
    Is there anyone in your family who has a living will? How does your answer make you feel?
    OK, this is a bit of a long and multi-headed question, but bear with me. Bored with photo-sharing, resume-sharing, and music-sharing, an enterprising geek creates a new web site that offers you the chance to share experiences from your memory. Even if you can’t remember the experience very clearly right now, the experience could be uploaded and shared so that anyone on the site could choose to experience it exactly as you did at the time — sensations, emotions, and everything. Would you visit such a site? If you had to contribute an experience from your life before you could try everyone else’s, what experience would you share? What would you hope I (or other people you know) had uploaded?

  6. cardinalximinez

    She feels safer and more relaxed in a closed room for the same inexplicable non-reasons that I feel safer and more relaxed when the door is open.

    Hey, how about going outside?

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