A brilliant dream

I dreamed up a great idea this morning. Let’s combine banks and pharmacies. They’re both good at counting things very carefully, storing valuable stuff, and dealing with federal regulations. You could set up a recurring prescription that would debit your account, call you to tell you it’s ready, and call the doctor for routine refills.

Besides, some days, don’t you want to get your change in aspirin?



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4 responses to “A brilliant dream

  1. magnoliafly

    Its called WalGreens.

    They mail the prescription to your house too.

  2. meander112

    Wow, that sort of set-up would be uber-tempting to thieves.

    It’s a neat idea, but I think that banks would consider it “beneath” them.

  3. sylvar

    I know about that, but can I make a deposit to my account there, or change my PIN? I’m talking total integration, or at least something like a Walgreens inside a bank or credit union, like a Starbucks in the library.

  4. gardenwaltz

    i want my change in codeine.

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