Stupid question

Stupid Question
Stupid Question
The next time someone says there are no stupid questions, show them this screenshot.



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4 responses to “Stupid question

  1. pandorable

    i disagree. The question isn’t complete. I could have access to the internet via an outside source, but not personally have access in my home or in my office… Also if i saved this webpage and then disabled my wireless card, I could be looking at this question and not have access at this moment.

  2. meander112

    Yeah, what she said. ;-)

  3. sylvar

    Yeah, but I was asked this question in the middle of an online survey. It seems unlikely that anyone would answer “no”.

    Sure, they could have asked a longer question like “Do you have Internet access at home, work, or some other place you regularly visit?”, and that wouldn’t have been a stupid question.

    In the context of an online survey, the question they actually asked is… stupid!

  4. gardenwaltz

    i’ve seen these surveys set up to be done at kiosks, or it could be done at a library. it’s not a bad question, just badly written. it should say, ‘do you have internet access at home’.

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