Weekend Update

We spent yesterday running around doing errands — getting gifts for the two parties we would attend that evening (both at restaurants), mainly.

The Frontier Steakhouse Cattle Co. is slightly more vegetarian-friendly than you’d think. They do have baked potatoes, fried potatoes, salads, and (for the British or for those who are afraid of vegetables recognizable as such) a half-cup of overboiled former veggies ($3). The fried mushrooms, while not as good for your health, are at least not a calculated insult.

The company on this occasion was much better than the food. We were happy to see a gleeful and celebrating their marriage, and were fortunate to meet (and, if I understand correctly, be inducted into) The Powers That Be. Our fellow PTB are , , , and (and a very nice George Lucas lookalike whose name I’ve already forgotten; shame on me Corwyn — I wonder if he’s walked the Pattern yet).

This morning we found a great backpack at Cold Gravy for under $5 and promptly filled it with shirts for . We ended up getting over a dozen shirts (and the backpack) for about $80.

is at Ethics Bowl practice now, so I did some more errands (library, video store, paying a bill at the department store, dropping off bills at the post office) and came home for dinner — a bag of spinach, sauteed without fat, topped with two hard eggs sliced and some sesame-soy dressing, and good cottage cheese with stale dill. (Must get some fresh dill v. soon!) Protein much?

Well, whatever works. I’ve lost more weight, which gives me the boost I needed to quit whining and get on the treadmill. (I skipped two days and I want to reinforce the habit.)



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7 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. loucheroo

    a) fried mushrooms may not be overly healthy but damn are they good!! mmmmmmmmmm…. remember Farrah’s mushrooms? *Sigh* i occasionally dream of them….

    b) YAY for eating healthy and exercising and getting to a healthier weight :)

    c) i hope you’re happy, i know i already mentioned the wondrousness of fried mushrooms above but im craving em now :P

  2. rancourt

    Thank you both again for coming. I apologize for the menu difficulties — the venue was planned in advance of my even having both the both of you, to a decidedly carnivorous palate.

    The Lucas fellow you mention is Corwyn — ‘s husband, the only Power without a LiveJournal. One additional Power, the often-quiet , should also be mentioned, though he was not present Saturday due to logistic troubles.

    He had a wonderful not-a-reception. Thank you both again for being there.

  3. rancourt

    Er, we had, that is. Yay mild agraphia.

  4. kiarrh

    Minor addition: is the user we’re looking for. Don’t worry, I flubbed her number at first, also. :)

  5. sylvar

    Corrected, thanks. :)

  6. bexfiles

    Contrary to popular belief, the British don’t all like their vegetables over-boiled and flavourless – and there are plenty veg-lovers in the UK too.

  7. sylvar

    Yes, I know, but I’ll wager Mrs Beeton wasn’t one of them. :)

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