We made it to Pittsburgh. Can anyone tell me why 8 hours of constantly curving, heaving roads in the Blue Ridge and Alleghenies kicked my ass a LOT harder than 12 hours of driving on mostly flat, mostly straight roads in the South? Is it only people with ADD who find the constant reacting to visual input and disorienting changes in orientation so fatiguing?



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  1. foozini

    That is part of the problem. Another problem with driving up there in the mountains is that a lot of the roads are slower to drive on, and there tend to be a lot more curves which take a lot more concentration to deal with than the endless straight roads that we have down south.

  2. sylvar

    I compared it to eight hours on a rollercoaster that you had to steer in order to stay on the tracks, only with lots of gorgeously tempting panoramas you don’t dare look at, and the track never repeats.

    I now realize that eight hours on the multi-axis trainer, for those of you who have seen the movie SpaceCamp, would be about right too. (The real MAT doesn’t have a joystick or an objective — it just twists. I was so pissed when I visited the real Space Camp. I had already figured out visually how to solve it. I wonder if I might be on the mild end of the autism spectrum…)

  3. bethling

    I think it has to do more with the extra concentration it takes dealing with hills and curves. When I drove to Florida from Seattle, the first couple of days were far more exhausting than the rest.

    So I don’t think it’s really an ADD thing :)

  4. jitterbug5bi5

    disorienting changes in orientation

    lol XD
    Glad you guys made it alright.. have fun!! *huggles*

  5. tregoweth

    Probably because driving in Florida only involves two dimensions, but other places have a Z-axis. :)

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