Greasemonkey scripts I love

I use the Firefox web browser and Greasemonkey, an extension that lets you tack on some useful additions.

My favorites:

NewsLinksToGoogleGroups converts news:// URLs so they point to Google Groups. (How many of us still have a standalone USENET News client?)

Password Composer is sheer brilliance. You only have to memorize one password for all the web sites you log into, only you can use a different password for each one. How? This script jumbles your password against the site’s domain name in a way that is a bit tricky to unjumble. It’s not military-grade password security, but if you insist on remembering just one simple password, you may as well use this to improve your security.

SkypeLinkify turns phone numbers into Skype links so you can phone someone with a simple click, for about 2.5c/min. Too cool. I’m already a Skype user, but if I weren’t, this convenience might just convince me to start.



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3 responses to “Greasemonkey scripts I love

  1. pappy74

    oooh! I loves me some Greasemonkey!

    My current top 2 are both related to Google:

    Greasemap ( scans the current page for an address/geocache-link and inserts an expandable google map at the top of the page.

    Google Auto-Pager ( a neat little script that makes it easier to page-through google search results.

    Also, if ya haven’t seen it, check out It’s a nice repository of Greasemonkey scripts.

  2. sylvar

    Are you a geocacher too? I’m planning to get a few on our road trip to Pittsburgh (leaving Saturday morning, probably).

  3. pappy74

    nope… never got in to that… just knew you were :)

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