I saw most of King Ralph last night, despite the fact that the opening credits are done in Zapf Chancery. (I very nearly abandoned it for that reason alone, but I’m biased; my high school newspaper used Zapf Chancery for its masthead, so I’m a bit sick of it.)

I enjoyed it, actually — and three actors in it would go on, ten years later, to work together in the Harry Potter movies. The actors
who play Vernon Dursley and Mr. Ollivander play a lord and a high-level official in King Ralph, and another lord is portrayed by the man who later provided the voice for the Sorting Hat.

Watching Vernon Dursley smile graciously (and therefore in a most un-Dursleyish manner) disturbs me a bit.

Ben-Bob says check it out.



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11 responses to “P.S.

  1. moxymoth

    Hey, is your LJ picture supposed to be you dressed up as the guy from “A Confederacy of Dunces”?

  2. sylvar

    Oh, my God! Are you trying to stymie my undercover work, you perspicacious temptress? Were I in Pittsburgh at this very moment, I would teach you a — oh, my pyloric valve!

  3. moxymoth

    Yeah, thought so.

  4. haemony

    Random comment — John Hurt is god.

  5. sylvar

    What makes you say so? Anything in particular I need to rent?

  6. haemony

    He’s just a brilliant actor all the way around.

    “I, Claudius”
    The Elephant Man
    History of the World, Part I
    Nineteen Eighty-Four!!!

  7. tregoweth

    Let’s not forget Alien, Spaceballs, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, and the last Art of Noise album.

  8. haemony

    Indeed, indeed.

  9. anonymous

    Adorable icon!!!

  10. haemony

    Dang it, forgot I wasn’t really logged in. That was me.

  11. tregoweth

    Yes, behold the majesty of Don Knotts.

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