Singing the cracked-screen blues

Well, somehow I managed to crack the screen on my PDA. Since it’s my employer’s PDA, it’s getting fixed at their expense, but I’m buying an aluminum case made specifically for the Tungsten C at my own expense so that it won’t happen again.

I’ve backed up all my data, including my latest hazmatspotting, methyl bromide and chloropicrin (#1581, a soil fumigant transported as liquid but used as gas). I’ve removed my SD card, stylus and cover, and shipped it off for repair. Now I just have to wait until they send it back.

I opted not to spend $40 for the advance replacement option, as that would have guaranteed my MAC address would change, and I’d prefer to keep the old one as it’s in a few different whitelists already.

So now I just have to wait… and wait… and use a laptop or desktop to VNC into my work machine to consult Outlook whenever I need to know something. Sigh.


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One response to “Singing the cracked-screen blues

  1. caligatia

    Your icon hurts my brain.

    Sorry about your PDA…

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