Photo meme

OK, asked me to do this, so here goes:

Request a picture. You can request anything you want–a picture of something in my house, in my life, at my school, in my city, ANYTHING. I will either post a picture that I already have, or I will take a new one.

Then post this in your own journal and name five LJ users you’d like to do the same.



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8 responses to “Photo meme

  1. e_r_e_n_e_t_a


  2. tregoweth

    Do and count as “things in your house”? Heh heh…

  3. jitterbug5bi5


  4. heyharmony

    I suppose it’s good to be first on some lists…

    Bunnies! I want to see the bunnies.

  5. poppinjaye

    I don’t really know how to post a picture…

  6. bethlynn

    may I please see your server room?

  7. sylvar

    Okay, here’s a Flickr set of our server room, annotated and geotagged.

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