Mazda 626

OK, we’re looking lustfully at a 2002 Mazda 626 with 40k miles, for $12k. It feels great, rides smooth, and is on Consumer Reports’ list of “reliable used cars”. It’s quieter than other cars we’ve tested, especially in the frequencies that would interfere with my hearing what Jodi’s saying. Its CD player doesn’t play mp3 CDs, but that’s what Christmas money is for, yes?

If anyone happens to have the ability to look up VIN 1YVGF22C825277947, please report back immediately. I know it might have a minor recall, but that’s something I can easily take care of.

Click and Clack say buy what you love, and then you’ll be more likely to treat it well, making it last longer. We love this one. (We’d love any other Mazda 626 or Mazda6, too, I’m sure.)



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2 responses to “Mazda 626

  1. poppinjaye

    I liked mine just fine! No problems, and it was a lot older.

  2. gardenwaltz

    when jeff and i were looking for a new car we found the mazda 626 coming up side by side with the saturn. i’d say go for it.

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