and I are so freaking similar!

  • We carry Palm PDAs
  • We have GPS receivers
  • We’re house rabbit people
  • We’re into Alton Brown
  • We’re ST:TNG fans
  • We live in Tampa
  • We both do cross stitch

Honestly, if we weren’t already taken, I think I’d have found my new bestest friend. (Well, I’m available if I get a permission slip, but I don’t know about her, and anyway she’s got a wedding to plan, so she’s a bit busy.)



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3 responses to “Serendipity

  1. magnoliafly

    Hay brings people together. :D LOL. We seriously need to do some geocaching or something together, break me into it. Gimmie an easy one.

  2. tregoweth

    “Hay” isn’t code for something, is it? :)

  3. magnoliafly

    Nah its that boring grass stuff that herbivores tend to eat LOTS of. :D

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