A good weekend

I got my advance copies of Computers In Libraries Thursday, and showed my article to Jodi’s side of the family while we were there. We attended a wedding (I’ll give details in private, since I think very few people here know the former Miss Y. Gagne) and then returned to Tampa.

I cleaned up the living room, cleaned the kitchen, cooked rice bread and curry and brownies and other good stuff, and took a break before cleaning the master bedroom and attached bathroom.

We had snacks and a few drinks at and ‘s place, an event which was repeated last night by without us, but possibly to be repeated tonight WITH us. (Or with , anyway, since I’ll be in class until 10pm and home around 11pm.)

And on top of all that goodness, is on track to get paid twice this month, which will make everyone involved very happy. I hate mixing friendship with landlordism; neither purpose is well-served by the combination.

So now all I have to worry about is a friend in Gainesville who’s having major psychiatric problems; she’s in good hands, though, so I imagine my prayers for her are superfluous.



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2 responses to “A good weekend

  1. heyharmony

    I read your article today (I *heart* EBSCO Alerts.. just sends it to me). Quite good. So, do we know any libraries doing this deposit-based borrowing? (versus ID-card required).

    I worry about a couple libraries I know that will see it as their opportunity to charge their already-tax-paying customers for basic service. No, you’re not suggesting that (at least I didn’t read that you were), but a few individuals will look forward to that as the next step.

    In all, I think the idea is most attractive to me in that it’s a way for homeless/poor/non-residents to access information. Privacy and avoiding random fishing expeditions are great, but access for those unable to get it now is even better. Thanks for including that aspect in the article.

  2. sylvar

    No, I don’t know anyone who’s doing it, but I heard several people tell me at a conference that it was a good idea, and finally someone told me to shut up and get it published before spreading the idea any further. :)

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