More idiocy from the DCF

To spice things up a bit, the Florida Department of Children and Families has gone from losing more than 500 children to forcing children to give birth.

You heard right. She’s 13 years old, pregnant, and doesn’t want to be a mother. The State of Florida claims she’s too young to decide not to be a mother. And since she’s a ward of the state, DCF wants to decide for her that it would be an awfully good idea if this 13-year-old girl becomes a mother.

I’m tempted to ask “Why are 13-year-olds in state custody are getting pregnant?”, but frankly I don’t want kids to be in the sort of custody that would make it impossible. That would have to be really draconian, and I don’t think anything short of chaining kids to the wall would actually prevent them from finding a way to get laid. Ever seen a tomcat tear through a window screen to get to a cat in heat? Ever seen Romeo and Juliet? The question isn’t whether you can get in the way of horny teenagers determined to swive each other silly, or whether you can get in the way of a high-speed freight train. It’s a question of how you think you’d be able to slow them down.

This girl, L.G., probably had unprotected sex. That was a mistake, and now she wants to do what she can to improve the situation. She doesn’t WANT to be a mother. Honestly, what 13-year-old would look forward to the excruciating pain of labor? I can only think of a few people who might have been into pain that young, and I don’t think even they would have actually wanted a scene without a safeword.

DCF seems to think it knows how much agony is okay to inflict on a girl entrusted to their care. They seem to think it’s okay to ignore her safeword because they’re professionals at this sort of thing.

It’s not.



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2 responses to “More idiocy from the DCF

  1. franthenut

    2nd artical requires signing up for service with a crap load of info, so declining that. If you’d be so kind as to copy paste, I would appreciate.

    I get the feeling that she’s going to become one of those runaways the first link talked of and possibly wind up dead from an unsafe abotion or complications from the birth.

    THis just ads to my conclusion that the goverment at large is agaist the best intrests of minors….

  2. sylvar

    This site will give you a username and password to use.

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