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If you know someone who knows Russian, please ask them if they can help me. And please ask them to forgive my mistakes, since I’ve never studied Russian at all — I’m just going by a Cyrillic chart and whatever I can find on Google.

According to this article, The actual name of the most popular Tetris song is “Troika” while the other songs are named “Katchusha,” “Kalinka,” “Korobejinky,” “Korobochka” and “Tachanka.”

I’m trying to find recordings of these songs. I’ve got Калинка and Катюша, but the most popular Тройка seems to be a Чайковский tune unrelated to what I remember from Tetris. “Korobochka” seems like an unpopular transliteration, but I haven’t been able to identify the original name. There’s a song called Тачанка on this page, but it doesn’t sound familiar to me. And I can’t figure out how to spell “Korobejinky”, either.


Is there another name for the “Тройка” used in Tetris?

How should I be spelling “Korobochka” and “Korobejinky”?

Is the “Тачанка” I found really the same as the song that’s played in Tetris?



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  1. anonymous

    >How should I be spelling “Korobochka” and “Korobejinky”?




    I think


  2. anonymous

    “Тачанка” is listed among songs about the Russian Civil War — or if not about it, or if not created at that time, then just popular during that time. This is all I can say about it at the moment.


  3. anonymous

    Now, on the page where Tachanka is listed among others it is said the songs are taken from http://www.sovmusic.ru/. That page says,

    the composer of Tachanka is K. Listov, and the lyrics is by M. Ruderman. The song was written in 1936. So, it cannot be the same song as Troika is, but this wasn’t exactly what you asked.

    Oh well, now I could listen to it — a typical Soviet song (sometimes the style is described as this, in Russian as well, and has been also in Soviet times).

    ‘Tachanka’ in English is a four-wheeled(?, at least its 4 wheels are mentioned in the song) cart for a machine-gun or Bren gun, and the lyrics of the song tells about one, more or less personifyingly, in the Civil War.

    Well, I’m afraid I cannot help you more, for if I should be able to answer your first anf third question I should listen to all Tetris songs, should I — to identify their (ir)resemblances?

    Hope you’ll find the answers and that I could be a little of help.


  4. reluctance

    Not that I can clarify the Russian song names, but this would be made a little bit clearer if you could specify a version and platform — Tetris is one of the most cloned / ported games ever, most of those with entirely different soundtracks, and even if we’re just talking NES you’ve still got two popular versions.

    I’m trying to find recordings of these songs.

    Multiple recordings, of live performances? Because if you’re after the original tunes from the video games, those can easily be cracked open and dumped to wav/mp3.

  5. lrdravage

    Korobejinky I have a sneaking suspicion should be Korobeiniki. Ozma does a nice cover if you like metal/punk…

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