More wi-fi fun

And here I am at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Tampa, waiting for ‘s class to be over. The signal seems usable only within the building, mainly, but if anything’s gonna get into a church, I bet it would be free wireless access…



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5 responses to “More wi-fi fun

  1. loucheroo

    what sort of class is she taking? :)

  2. tregoweth

    Now, now — I’d have to get a laptop (or Wi-Fi-able device) first…

  3. sylvar

    It was a class on Goddess traditions, but tonight was the last night. The next class is apparently going to be a 12-class series on making your own religion, or more accurately, exploring various topics to figure out what you believe about each…

  4. loucheroo

    Pretty cool….

  5. vixi

    Want to buy a slightly used G4 ibook! I am upgrading soon! :P

    Built in airport extreme!

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