I. W. I. W. A. L.

To quote Loudon Wainwright’s song, this morning “I wish I was a lesbian” (see this hilarious video — read the lyrics without registering, and register for free to download the video).

Why? So I could properly show my appreciation for Kelli Davis, who refused to wear feminine attire for her yearbook photo. Instead, she wore a tuxedo, as did the male students, “[b]ecause that’s me, you know. That represents me. The drape does not.”

Rock on, Kelli. “Davis’ parents bought a two-page ad in the back of the book for $700, which will feature the picture.” If I had some cash, I’d send some to them to contribute to an expense they shouldn’t have had to bear. On the other hand, they do live in Green Cove Springs, which I’m told is a pretty rich neighborhood, so maybe they can afford it better than I can.

Either way, I’m glad to see that people are still willing to be who they are, principles over principals.


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