Damn, I don’t know anyone with Gmail invites. Now how will I ever get an account there?



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7 responses to “gmail

  1. chrispytoto

    i thot you had gmail O-o

  2. franthenut

    I can probally scrounge you up one. I think I have about 10 people with em. Lemme know and I’ll post the ‘Anyone have for a friend?’ thing.

  3. pandorable

    Current mood: tongue in cheek

  4. wyldemusick

    *sends Sylvar 5250 of his current gmail invites, looks around for people to give the other 4,257,206 to*

  5. meander112

    It’s very exclusive.

  6. anonymous

    gmail isnt tht exclusive anymore…they’re giving away tons of invites…check out this link

  7. sylvar

    Yes, I know that, I was joking.

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