Anyone want a brailler?

Starting tonight, you can bid on the Perkins brailler I’m selling.

Whoever said pimpin’ ain’t easy never had a LiveJournal.



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7 responses to “Anyone want a brailler?

  1. gardenwaltz

    ebay is listing the item as removed

  2. sylvar

    The auction starts at 7pm PST (so that the final bidding war will happen 7pm PST next Saturday, when lots of people can be online). Until then, nobody can see it.

  3. meander112

    Since I can’t look at the auction, I’ll ask you: What’s a brailler?

  4. cardinalximinez

    Strange. Clicking the link logs me out of eBay…

  5. sylvar

    It’s a Braille typewriter with six keys that you “play chords on” to impress a character of six dots (on or off), plus a space bar and other things.

  6. meander112

    Ah. How did you come to be owner of such a device?

  7. sylvar

    It was part of a truckload of stuff that a chum asked me to take off his hands. And when I say truckload, I mean it: there was a full-height enclosed four-post rack. I saved it for a year but gave up on ever fitting it into the closet TBLC used as a networking area. Then we moved everything into its own room and I’d already given it away.

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