Jodi and I went out to Francesco’s Ristorante last night to celebrate the end of the semester. It was a lovely, refined evening. The prices are a bit higher than Olive Garden, but their bread’s real and they bring out a dish of Niçoise olives. Our dessert, something like sfogliatelle covered with a hard dark chocolate shell, managed the difficult feat of outshining fresh pasta. Our ultra-cute Italian waitress seemed impressed with my ability to say a few useful things in Italian (Avete dei piatti vegetariani? and Vorrei pagare is about all I ever needed to learn, although “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate” is fun too).

Then we came home and finished planning Jodi’s holiday trip. It’s nice to have the details settled, although we both wish we could spend a bit more time together.

The migration at TBLC is going very smoothly — we’ve gotten praise from some exacting and influential customers, and even when I had to restart a service this morning and call a few customers, I was told that they were very impressed by how well it was going.

Dunno what we’re doing today. Jodi’s sleeping now, without waking up every half-hour thinking that she’s doing a horrible thing by wasting valuable paper-writing/test-prep time. How nice. :)



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2 responses to “Francesco’s

  1. franthenut

    Our dessert, something like sfogliatelle covered with a hard dark chocolate shell,

    *spaces out into drooling want mode*

    How in heck you remember how to spell that is beyond me. :D

  2. sylvar

    What? It’s spelled like it’s said.

    Italian spelling is highly orthographic. The only thing I had to learn by consulting a professor was that ‘r’ is uvular in the North and flapped or trilled in the South. (And there are two allophones of /o/. Not that I remember what they are.)

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