Spreading the buzz

After reading this article on BzzAgent, I signed up. I’ll get free
stuff and, if I really like it’ I’ll spread the word — and if I don’t
like it, I’ll ignore it. It’s like going through Harry Knowles’
mailbox before he gets a chance to get the free swag.

If any of y’all want to get involved too, please let me know and I’ll
send you a referral link. :)



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4 responses to “Spreading the buzz

  1. vixi

    Please send me a link!

    vpalmer at gmail

  2. h_postmortemus

    And so another meme arises to interfere with the normal and healthy functioning of our social system… sigh

  3. tregoweth

    Oh, hell, I’m willing to be a corporate tool for free stuff — send me the link too.

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