Spoiled and soluble tablets for genuine individuals

From: Siegfried Btufbu
Subject: Spoiled and soluble tablets for genuine individuals

Our tablets are only equal normal lozenges but they
are especially explicated to be pliable and soluble
below the lingua. The pills is took up at the oral cavity
and comes in the blood direct instead of proceeding
through with the stomach. This effects in a speedy much more
potent event which still up to 42 hours!

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2 responses to “Spoiled and soluble tablets for genuine individuals

  1. anonymous

    Just the other day I was thinking about ordering some RPG games from Japan and found this engrish pearl…

    Here’s the description for a video game based on the anime series Evangelion (if you can figure out what the last sentence means, please let me know *lol*):

    Another Eva and story which Shinji, Asuka, Rei and others play are developed in the world of an adventure game. An active transfer student’s Rei which adds bread and runs. I am brightly fine and it is Asuka of elder sister affectation. Laver says by the beauty and it is Mr. Misato popular to a boy student. Another world which Shinji considers as “the possibility in me” in the TV animation last talk is a setup of an adventure game. Please enjoy another Evangelion drawn as a frame of youth bright and painful by the way!

    // Michael

  2. anonymous

    For all of the engrish fanatics, the URL for that was:


    And other fine translations can be found in their other product descriptions: http://shop.himeya.com/products/win_other/win_other.html

    // Michael

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