Ben sings the hits… just for you!

Here’s a snippet from my performance in Portland, Oregon last week:

I’m on the left, in relatively light pants (60-70% grey polyester, but
everyone else wore black cotton, durn it).

You can hear my voice somewhat distinctly on “come together”, about 42
seconds in. (If I hadn’t hit it with such power, I wouldn’t have been
able to hit it at all.)

The lyrics we’re singing:

[Paul he sold the comp’ny]
To Ameritech, it
made us nervous and we
wondered what was going on;
stuck together, stayed as CODI, come and join oh please!

Then one day, old Jim and
Keith and Paul they made a
system called Marquis and
got some interest from some
early users of Marquis
Yup, we went and bought it and a user group were we

Come together, right now, CODI

Now about the time that Marquis
users formed and organized…


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