My birthday card from co-workers

My birthday card from co-workers



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5 responses to “My birthday card from co-workers

  1. inlerah

    I didn’t know you knew ‘Bird’! ;) :)

  2. sylvar

    Yep, I even called his machine ‘bigbird’ because he’s the big man on campus.

  3. sylvar

    I appreciate it, but a 10k pay cut so that I can “(3) meet inflexible deadlines, (4) work under pressure, and (5) deal with difficult individuals while maintaining composure” when “additional hours are frequently required in order to meet timing requirements of special projects”? Hell no.

    Occasional overtime is normal in this business, but frequent overtime is a sign of bad management or incompetent coworkers, and either way it’s a danger sign. If you can’t generally get your job done in 40 hours a week, something is dreadfully wrong.

  4. sylvar

    (previous comments deleted)

    Given the benefits (cheap tuition n’at) I suppose this is actually pretty good. I’ll definitely bookmark the parent page. Thanks!

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