We’re in Stuart

Jodi and I are safely in Stuart (we left yesterday afternoon). The cats are in the bathroom and the rabbits’ hutch is in the inside hallway. We’re hoping that the 20mph movement of the storm will get it past us before too much damage happens…



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4 responses to “We’re in Stuart

  1. tregoweth

    *shrug* Nothin’ yet. Though it’s still early…

  2. bethlynn

    but if the conversation ever gets dull, you can ask your father-in-law if this woman was his patient

  3. sylvar

    She wasn’t — I asked last night. Apparently she fused to the couch as bedsores crusted over, almost like a skin graft. Except that it was a couch graft. Euchh.. that’s sad, sad neglect. Apparently her body was suffused with infections, ‘septic as could be’.

  4. meander112

    I’m glad you guys got to safety. Let us know when you head back to Tampa.

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