Random notes

  • My 1997 Ford Taurus turned 150,000 miles last week.
  • I got almost no sleep last night — I finally fell asleep despite suspicions that the cats had peed in my bed. As it turns out, one of them peed into my quite absorbent ex-pillow. That was the end of trying to get any sleep last night. I bought a new pillow (and waterproof allergen shield) at Wal-Mart around 4:30am on my way to the office.
  • Eastern Standard Tribe is so addictive that I read myself right into Zulu circadians. Alanis, in case you’re stalking me, that is ironic.
  • I’ve got the New Broadway Cast and the Complete DVD Soundtrack, but I haven’t seen anyone put the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show on Usenet yet. Let there be lips, damn it!

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