Bad witnessing

I just threw out a card one of our customers left on the toilet tank — it’s an “IQ test” on the front and a religious message on the back. Essentially it says that only Christians are intelligent, which is obvious and insulting bullshit. Some of my most intelligent friends are agnostic and atheist (and there are some intelligent theists among that number too).

Although it’s a unisex bathroom, I know it was left by a guy because it was on the toilet tank facing forward. A woman would have left it at the sink. And there aren’t too many guys who attend our classes, so next time it happens, I’ll look up this entry, cross-reference the dates, telnet the NYSERnet gopher, reroute the encryptions, and give the card back to him.



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2 responses to “Bad witnessing

  1. cardinalximinez

    Go you.

  2. tregoweth

    Now, a Chick tract warning of the evils of not washing your hands — that would make sense on a toilet tank.

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