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  1. vixi

    Oh that is great!

  2. anonymous

    This reminds me of when I was in high school and was asked to write a short paper based on the question, “If you could remove anything from the world that would improve it immensely, what would it be? Why?” Most people wrote about greed and money.

    I wrote a paper about removing religion citing that more people have died fighting under religious pretenses than any other. It was quite well written, detailing events from the 10th century BCE to modern day – complete with some guesses at how it would have affected the human condition (good and bad).

    English teachers seem to always grade subjectively. No mistakes were pointed out, no faulty reasoning, use of poor grammar, etc. Nope, it was marked C- and written in big red letters “Blasphemy!”

    // Michael

  3. sylvar

    Damn! What school was that?

  4. anonymous

    Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida (same school that Jody, Dan, Mark, and Jeff attended).

    It was supposed to be like #3 in the nation for producing National Merit Scholars, etc.

    Even though it was an honors level english class, I wasn’t socially accepted by the teacher since I had long hair and wore Metallica t-shirts yet still aced all of the tests. According to that stereotype, substitute teachers always assumed that I was going to be a troublemaker.

    // Michael

  5. sylvar

    Well, they were right about that!

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